LOGO_ECONRES_legendThe Spatial and Regional Economics research group, ECONRES was first approved on July 12, 2007 -and renewed on December 2018- as one of the “Consolidated Research Groups” of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in the Social Sciences area (SOC, E-027). This team is devoted to the development of new models/methods in spatial econometrics/statistics for applications in regional/urban economics and business administration. The ECONRES group imitates the academic quality and friendly environment of the Regional Economics Appliations Laboratory (REAL) and some of its members are part of the the EU-REAL Network.

Last Publications


Previous Highlights

  • The ECONRES group at war against @COVID-19 using the eS-MiData project of spatial microdata of Madrid. Coro Chasco professor at @UAM_Madrid presents this work in the @twitter account  #MujeresEconomistasVSCOVID-19.
  • In the International Women’s Day, we render a tribute to all women who suffered any kind of threat or harm in the city Madrid because of their gender, using our new web portal eS-MiData.
  • The ECONRES group presents a new interactive web portal dedicated to the generation, analysis and online publication of spatial microdata. The eS-MiData project was financed by the Region of Madrid (PEJD-2018-PRE/SOC-8121) during 2019. You can visit a first version of this project here.